Monday, April 7, 2008

Veterans Health Care

The people that have fought and served our country in a military capacity deserve to be taken care of. Many of them have givin their lives and many that survive have givin their health and bodies in their line of service to our country. They have made the greatest sacrifice and we should honor these people by providing adequate health care and other beneffits.
Local Veteran, Carl Young says that a new bill in the House of Represenitives would go along way toward establishing these beneffits over the long term. He suggests we encourage our Congressman, Mike Thompson to support this bill for our vets. Mike Thompson isn't the only one in California who's not on board. Here is a current list of California congress persons that are not co-sponsors as of 4-7-08.

California Congressional Delegation not co-sponsors of HR 2514
Mike Thompson has now co sponsored this bill as of 5-1-08
Mike Thompson District 1 (707) 226-9898 Napa (530) 662-5272 Yolo
(707).269.9595 Humbolt 707.962.6933 Mendocino
Mike Thompson has now co sponsored this bill as of 5-1-08
Thanks Congressman Thompson!
Wally Herger District 2 530.893.8363 Chico 530.223.5898 Redding893-
Dan Lungren District 3 916.859.9906
John Doolittle District 4 800.232.1336
Doris Matsui District 5 916.498.5600
George Miller District 7 925.602.1880 Concord, 510.262.6500 San Pablo,
707.645.1888 Vallejo
Nancy Pelosi District 8 415.556.4862
Barbara Lee District 9 510.763.0370
Gerald McNerney District 11 925.737.0727 Pleasanton, 209.476.8552 Stockton
Tom Lantos* District 12 * Deceased office vacant
Anna Eshoo District 14 408.245.2339 or 831.335.2020
Zoe Lofgren District 16 408.271.8700
Sam Farr District 17 800.340.FARR Salinas, 831.429.1976 Santa Cruz
Dennis Cardoza District 18 800.356.6424
George Radanovich District 19 559.449.2490 Fresno
209.579.5458 Modesto
Jim Costa District 20 661.869.1620 Bakersfield, 559.495.1620 Modesto
Devin Nunes District 21 559.323.5235 Clovis, 559.733.3881 Visalia
Kevin McCarthy District 22 805.461.1034 Atascadero,
805.549.0390 N.County
661.327.3611 Bakersfield
Elton Gallegly District 24 800.423.0023 Thousand Oaks,
805.686.2525 Solvang
Howard “Buck” McKeon District 25 661.254.2111 Santa Clarita,
661.274.9688 Palmdale
David Dreier District 26 888.906.2626
Henry Waxman District 30 323.651.1040, 818.878.7400, 310.652.3095
Xavier Becerra District 31 213.483.1425
Hilda Solis District 32 626.448.1271 El Monte,
323.307.9904 East L.A.
Lucille Roybal-Allard District 34 213.628.9230
Maxine Waters District 35 323.757.8900 Los Angeles
310.642.4610 Westchester
Jane Harman District 36 310.643.3636 El Segundo
310.549.8282 Wilmington
Laura Richardson District 37 310. 538-1190
Ed Royce District 40 714.992.8081, 562.220.2411
Jerry Lewis District 41 800.233.1700
Gary Miller District 42 714.257.1142 Brea,
949.470.8484 Mission Viejo
Ken Calvert District 44 951.784.4300 Riverside,
949.888.8498 Los Flores
Mary Bono District 45 760.320.1076 Palm Springs,
951.658.2312 Hemet
Dana Rohrabacher District 46 714.960.6483
Loretta Sanchez District 47 714.621.0102
John Campbell District 48 949.756.2244
Darrell Issa District 49 760.599.5000 San Diego
951.693.2447 Temecula
Brian Bilbray District 50 858.350.1150
Duncan Hunter District 52 619.448.5201

Many of these congress persons say they support our troops and veterans. If they really supported them, they would get on board with this bill.
Here is some information about the bill.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United > States of America in Congress assembled,> SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.> This Act may be cited as the `Assured Funding for Veterans Health Care > Act'.> SEC. 2. ASSURANCE OF ADEQUATE FUNDING FOR VETERANS HEALTH CARE.> (a) In General- Chapter 3 of title 38, United States Code, is amended by > adding at the end the following new section:> `Sec. 321. Assured funding for veterans health care> `(a) For each fiscal year, the Secretary of the Treasury shall make > available to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs the amount determined under > subsection (b) with respect to that fiscal year. Each such amount is > available, without fiscal year limitation, for the programs, functions, > and activities of the Veterans Health Administration, as specified in > subsection (c).> `(b)(1) The amount applicable to fiscal year 2008 under this subsection is > the amount equal to 130 percent of the amount obligated by the Department > during fiscal year 2006 for the purposes specified in subsection (c).> `(2) The amount applicable to any fiscal year after fiscal year 2008 under > this subsection is the amount equal to the product of the following:> `(A) The sum of-- > `(i) the number of veterans enrolled in the Department health care system > under section 1705 of this title as of July 1 preceding the beginning of > such fiscal year; and> `(ii) the number of persons eligible for health care under chapter 17 of > this title who are not covered by clause (i) and who were provided > hospital care or medical services under such chapter at any time during > the fiscal year preceding such fiscal year.> `(B) The per capita baseline amount, as increased from time to time > pursuant to paragraph (3)(B).> `(3)(A) For purposes of paragraph (2)(B), the term `per capita baseline > amount' means the amount equal to-- > `(i) the amount specified in paragraph (1), divided by> `(ii) the number of veterans enrolled in the Department health care system > under section 1705 of this title as of September 30, 2006.> `(B) With respect to any fiscal year, the Secretary shall provide a > percentage increase (rounded to the nearest dollar) in the per capita > baseline amount equal to the percentage by which-- > `(i) the Consumer Price Index (all Urban Consumers, United States City > Average, Hospital and related services, Seasonally Adjusted), published by > the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor for the 12-month > period ending on the June 30 preceding the beginning of the fiscal year > for which the increase is made, exceeds> `(ii) such Consumer Price Index for the 12-month period preceeding the > 12-month period described in clause (i).> `(c)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), the purposes for which > amounts made available pursuant to subsection (a) shall be all programs, > functions, and activities of the Veterans Health Administration.> `(2) Amounts made available pursuant to subsection (a) are not available > for-- > `(A) construction, acquisition, or alteration of medical facilities as > provided in subchapter I of chapter 81 of this title (other than for such > repairs as were provided for before the the date of the enactment of this > section through the Medical Care appropriation for the Department); or> `(B) grants under subchapter III of chapter 81 of this title.'.> (b) Clerical Amendment- The table of sections at the beginning of such > chapter is amended by adding at the end the following new item:> `321. Assured funding for veterans health care.'.> that provides Assured Funding for the VA.>>

Call these people and ask them if they support our troops and veterans and if they say yes, ask them how they intend to vote on HR 2514, and why.


Greg Sebourn said...

Why isn't my representative co-sponsoring??? Hmmm... I wrote Ed Royce about this. I'll keep you posted.

Greg Sebourn said...

I'm still waiting for a response from Royce. Generally, he has been quick to respond with a thoughtful answer. ...still waiting...