Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pot Grow Houses

A lot of talk lately here in Humboldt County about pot grow houses. The Arcata Eye this week has an article about the amount of electricity they consume. They say that PG&E transformers are burning up due to the increased power consumption used by the grow houses. I'm not going to get into the legality of Proposition 215 and medical marijuana, but I did want to address the excessive power consumption. The answer is simple. LED lights. That's right, the bright little lights in your key chain light. Now these are being made with light spectrum that work well for growing plants. They are somewhat expensive now but with all of the local demand for both pot and electricity, I would think the price will be coming down soon. Even so, if you could eliminate the heat caused by old fashioned grow lights, and the big PG&E bill, whats not to like?
Also with the LED lights, there is little or no interference with am radio signals like the 5-thousand watt KGOE 1480 am signal I work for. Grow houses can sometimes be detected just by driving around and listening to the am radio. If you drive by a house and hear a ton of buzz on the radio that goes away at the rate you leave the house, that's a pretty good indication of grow lights and lots of electricity consumption. Save energy, don't burn down the house and leave am signals alone with these new LED lights. It's the groovy thing to do if you have to grow.

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