Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only Handicap Parking at Burger King and McDonalds in Eureka?

I was puzzled the other day when pulled into the Burger King between 4th and 5th st. in Eureka. I was on my way home and needed something in my tummy. As I entered the parking lot of the Burger King, I noticed that there wasn't anywhere to park. There were plenty of open spaces but they all had red curb painting. In most places that means Fire Zone and you will be towed away at your own expense. The only legal place to park were the handicap spaces painted blue. I don't have a handicap sticker because I am not legally handicap. I noticed that across the street at McDonalds, all the parking berms and curbs around the entire parking lot there were also painted red. Why is this? Is it because they only want us to use the drive thru?
Maybe they just don't want our business. Maybe everything is a fire zone because of the flame broiling they do at Burger King. This doesn't explain the parking lot size fire zone at McDonalds though.
Apon further study I noticed that the Les Schwab store on Broadway has all of their parking spaces painted yellow. That usually means loading zone. Probably not a problem though as they usually run out of the tire store and meet you right there in the parking lot to serve you and quickly move your car to the service bay.

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