Monday, September 8, 2008

North Coast Veterans Stand Down

For three brief days local volunteers, community leaders and families will be providing the respect, honor and empowerment for our veterans and their families. Volunteers from all over the north coast will gather at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds, veterans and civilians alike, to provide services that has changed the lives of veterans at previous North Coast Stand-downs.
Our mission is to support all veterans. To this end we provide free food, earned benefit information, lodging, haircuts, transportation, referral services and supplies. Perhaps even more important, you will be among a group of people who appreciate what you have done for your country. The camaraderie that results is just another positive reason to be here. It is our hope that we can provide them with whatever it takes to make their lives easier, and the lives of your spouses and children. Widows of veterans will find counselors available to help them sort through the benefits they are entitled to.
They have served our country and now it's time for it to come through for them. There's a lot of reasons why we have these stand downs, and they all amount to the same overall goal; to reach out to all veterans and to welcome them home.
This stand down is for them. From a grateful community. A special "Welcome Home" programs to our newest generation of veterans is planned for October 4th, at noon. Additional volunteers are needed, and civic groups and local businesses are encouraged to sponsor the meals being served to over 300 veterans and their families. For information on a this community service program: planned for October 3rd through the 5th, 2008, either attending and/or supporting our communities efforts, please contact our Director, Kim Hall 707) 826-6191 or or visit our website

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