Friday, December 12, 2008

Jeff Rense Show Massive Failure Last Night

Last night at about 9:20pm, the Jeff Rense show went off the air. After checking all the usual stuff locally to see if it was a problem on my end, I called ABC in New York. They informed me that the show had a massive failure and that none of the stations that run the show were getting it. They didn't know the cause of the problem, they just said they had everybody working on it.

I put on some Paul Harvey and a segment of Art of the Song for our kgoe listeners here in Humboldt Co. California.

The show was a re-run with guest David Blume. The subject was alcohol for cars. They were discussing how we could grow almost anything, distill it and make our own alcohol to run our cars on. They had just discussed how the oil companies were manipulating the prices of corn and methanol, noting that corn prices have fallen even though we are still using and making just as much alcohol as when corn prices were high. They went to a break and never came back.

Was there sabotage? I don't know, but the information was something that I don't think the auto industry or the oil companies wanted out there.

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