Thursday, March 26, 2009

200-Thousand Dollar Remodel Planned For Eureka Co Op

A meeting is planned for tonight at the Warfinger building on the water front to discuss a proposed 200-thousand dollar remodel for the 2 year old Eureka Co op. The building seems fine.

Why a remodel? Concerned citizens and Co op members will meet at 6pm tonight to discuss the issue.
I got word that there is a box for comments at the Co-op and that there will be 3 more meetings on this issue.


Anonymous said...

What the hell for? Aside from the fact that it looks like a prison in Disneyland. Have they looked at the economy lately? Who is behind this?

Tom Sebourn said...

I hope we find out tomorrow. I didn't make it to the meeting. Was working with engineer till after 1am this morning and had to get in early today.
Anyone with any information about the meeting should post or contact me at the station.
A remodel doesn't make sense to me.

David Lippman said...

Tom - this project is still in the proposal stage but is moving along. I was surprised that nobody showed up at our Board meeting on the 26th outside of our normal interested members. It is just as well since the meeting was not focused on this project alone. We will be having a couple of member forums in April to let members know what we are considering and to solicit input before moving forward with implementation. They are tentatively scheduled for the 20th and 22nd, but please check in store signage and the website for confirmation in the next week or so.

It is really fairly standard practice to look at a store after it has been open for a couple of years, assess what is working well and what is not, and to address those areas that are not. This proposal would be broken down into eight or ten "bite size chunks" that can be implemented as time energy and money allow. It might take a year or less to implement, it might take two years, or it could stop at any point along the way if we aren't pleased with how it is going or if it is not generating the hoped for results.

Thanks for your interest, hope to see you on the 20th or the 22nd.

David Lippman
General Manager
North Coast Co-op
707-826-8670 ext 124