Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Tea Bags!

There is another "Tea Bag Party" or protest a brewin'. May Day 5-1-09. It all starts at 11:00am at 1624 E. St. in Eureka. That's where you can pick up your signs. From there you will march to Assemblyman Chesbro's and State Senator Wiggins' office on 7th and E. streets. From there it will go to Old Town ending at Congressman Mike Thompson's' office at 317 3rd street.

This rally is going to focus on the special election coming up on May 19th. They are urging a no vote on propositions 1-A through 1-F.

Proposition 1-A is to set up a rainy day fund for the state to draw upon during budget shortfalls.
This seems to make sense to me. Our state has a budget the size of a large country but it can't print it's own money. Current law requires extra tax money to be returned to us tax payers, a good idea until we are short and have to come up with the cash at the last minute. This sounds like the Conservative thing to do rather than borrowing money and paying interest on it.

If tea bagging isn't your thing, you can make a difference at the Planning Commission meeting on April 30th, at the Supervisors Chambers, 825 5th st. or if the crowd is too large, at the Eureka High School Gym at 1915 J st. Eureka. Do you want urban sprawl or growth that focuses more in infill development? Let them know!


Tom Sebourn said...

I was unable to cover this today but I did call Mr. Chesbro's office and spoke to Andy. He said there were about 40 to 50 people that came by. He said 3 really nice ladies brought in a basket of flowers with chocolates and a note that requested Mr. Chesbro vote against Proposition 1-A on the upcoming special election.

Greg Sebourn said...

Prostitution 1-A: the pimping out and exploitation of the fruits of my labor.