Friday, June 6, 2008

Airforce taking rap for Bush

Remember when a B52 was loaded with 6 live nuclear missiles and flown across the U.S. last year? What ever became of the big investigation that was supposed to take place? Jeff Rense has some words to say about our "Tefflon President", (he misspelled Tefflon on purpose he says).
Here is an excerpt of a blog by Mr. Rense followed by a link to the entire blog.

If you are Mr. Tefflon, you can order nuclear weapons flown over US soil ­ yet another violation of the law. He let the investigation run its course, then pinned the blame on the highest ranking career officers he wised to remove. There must always be a scapegoat to take the rap somewhere. The white house has repeatedly lied to the media on numerous occasions, and it's lying yet again when it says it had nothing to do with this. Those USAF officers who resigned were at the very top of the USAF chain of command.

These same men, Chief of staff Mosely and Secretary Michael Wynn are taking the rap for everything gone wrong in the past ­ including warhead components shipped to Taiwan "by mistake." This story has the same tone of honesty as a crooked police officer planting an unregistered gun in someone's vehicle.

Minot airbase near Bismarck, North Dakota is where the nuclear weapons originated. CNN announced on May 30, 2008 that same base failed an inspection. [1] How convenient that this takes place now. It was just two months ago in March 2008 that Minot was re-certified to handle nuclear weapons. And now we hear about the resignation of top veteran USAF officers!

As I've stated clearly in a former essay some months ago, there has been a chain of command in place for some 50 years to control the movement of any nuclear weapon from storage to an aircraft. Stored in specially sealed and tamperproof containers, these weapons require sign-offs by safety officers for removal from storage and special containers, ordinance officers who handle them and everyone else down the line that has any responsibility associated with them.

Since the US military is staffed by an all VOLUNTEER force, why would an entire chain of command and airmen put all their careers, reputations, paychecks and retirement pensions at risk and risk a courts martial and possible time in Leavenworth? It's not possible to justify such an idea, yet that's what we've been led to believe. Instead, two innocent men are punished to make it all believable to the public and satisfy the public need for justice in the matter.

Sharp military people put numerous safeguards in place in the middle of the last century to prevent this very thing from happening. But above all, to move even one of these weapons out of storage onto a plane (and there were six of these weapons) requires an EXECUTIVE ORDER from none other than the president.

Here's a link to the whole blog by Jeff Rense.

Can someone besides the President give the order to start world war III?
Evidently a base commander can do this. Just like in Dr. Strangelove. Either that or Bush is covering this up like so many other Executive Orders that are too secret for us to know about.
It's a shame that he has to make the Air force his scapegoat for his ill advised war mongering.


Greg Sebourn said...

Unfortunately, I see a lot of "dots" that are poorly connected. I need more specifics and facts, and a lot less assumptions. There are some BIG leaps in conclusions where evidence appears lacking.

Further, it is customary (very common in the private sector) that the head of the organization is fired when there is a HUGE screw up. The problem is that the media will loose interest in the story by the time they get to the little guys who were involved.

Lastly, isn't the manner and method of moving and handling of ALL nuclear weapons Top Secret? Isn't the protocol for moving and handling them Top Secret? I would hope that all of this is secret which would mean that you and I wouldn't know about any of it like who signs off for what and when. Or where can aircraft with nuclear weapons travel. Or whether someone other than the President can authorize a movement of nuclear weapons. I seriously doubt that the President of The United States of America actually thinks about where every submarine with nuclear missiles is traveling to or from; isn't that why he has generals? I doubt Bush gets up every morning to call a general to move a few nuclear missiles; yet I know as a fact that nuclear weapons move throughout the continental U.S. daily. I mean, how could Bush (the same guy everyone says is an oaf) actually be directly involved? Now, for the little guy(s) that typed up the wrong paperwork, checked the wrong box, etc., he is SCREWED!

Tom Sebourn said...

pls8395, little guys might check the wrong box but they don't have the special keys needed access the missles, turn off the radiation sniffers at both air bases at the end of the runways, choose to put them under the wings instead of in the cargo hold, pull the pins so that they are live and armed, tell the pilot that the notice on his screen that he has live nukes is o.k., I thought they had procedures. The standard way to move nukes on an old B52 bomber is in the cargo bay, unarmed unless one is launching an attack. Allowing just anyone with the right stamp and paperwork to over ride all of our failsafe systems is reason enough to ban nuclear weapons alltogether in the U.S. since we are not responsible enough to be allowed to have them.
Either that, or the president is not telling the truth, and I don't find that hard to believe.
Tom Sebourn

Greg Sebourn said...

You are right; we shouldn't have nukes. Obviously, someone screwed up somewhere and, you are right that there would have to be a complete breakdown in the system, which is very possible. The idea that Bush woke up and said "load a B52 with live nukes under the wings and let 'er fly!" just doesn't add up. Everyone says Bush is a buffoon and incapable of doing anything; either he is stupid or he "aint", which is it? Or (and the more likely), one of Bush's handler's (maybe an undersecretary or deputy director to one of those countless secret energy agencies) is behind it. Perhaps "Bown-ie" is getting back at Bush for being fired from FEMA by framing him. The truth is that the public does not know the intimate details behind how this happened. In the interest of National Security, we should not know all of the details about what each person did that screwed up, less the bad guys should figure out just how to load nukes on their Cessna! God save the United States!