Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Bye 4th Amendment, Hello FISA

The House today voted to give George Bush and the Telcom's the right to spy on Americans. Local congressman Mike Thompson voted against it. Thank you Mr. Thompson. It is now up to the Senate to stop this but they don't have enough votes or the will to fight a Republican Filibuster. Good bye 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution!
Here's a link to how they voted:
I am considering getting a pager, taking the battery out of my cell phone and only using my phone as a last resort. The powers that be can turn on your cell phone via remote and listen in when ever they want. The only way to stop this is to take the battery out of your phone.
We need to boycott the Telcom's by using less e-mail and phone calls. When we do have to use e-mail and phones, we should acknowledge that we know they are listening or reading our information and we should give false or misleading information to muddy up the waters. The more bad information gathered, the less impact FISA will have on the average American. We have to fight back! Spreading disinformation is one way we can say to those that would violate our Constitutional rights, chew on this!
Does anybody have any better ideas?

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Hobo Sarah said...

Well obviously they are working on the premise that the American People are a threat to themselves. They are protecting us from... well.. US.

I say put your teenagers on the phone and let them talk as much and as long as they want... That will drive them crazy. Or we could read the constitution aloud... that is pretty subversive you know.

My questions it... Can they listen to what is going on in the room through the phone or just phone conversations?