Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grumpy old Republicans

I have some neighbors that are card carrying Republicans. They are mostly unhappy and scared to death. They do well for themselves financially and are retired. They have a big boat and an R.V., a real nice 2 story house in the redwoods near the ocean, with a stream on one side.
They have another house in a warmer climate. Most retired people would be envious of them, unless they knew them. They are afraid that all us little people will be unemployed and wandering the streets, looking for trouble due to high gas prices. They cower in their house and keep everything locked up tight. They are afraid to go out and do the things they used to do. They used to travel to fun exotic places but are now afraid to do this anymore. I blame their fear on two sources. 1. The pastor John Hagee, they have been known to watch him on t.v. and 2. Fox News, the only source they trust for news. Both of these are out to scare us to death so that we will need them for their advice. So that we will continue to seek their knowledge of terrorists, gays, homeless people, people that look differently from them, the devil, and those evil liberals. It is sad that in the golden years of their life they can't laugh, love and enjoy the time they have left with friends and family. They used to have lots of friends. Now, no one comes over to see them unless they are there to fix the appliances or cable tv. It seems that they have run away all their friends because of their hatred, bigotry and their constant fear of loosing all their possessions or having them scratched or something. The whole thing makes no sense to me. If I live that long and am not in the gutter or some sort of prison for agitators, I certainly hope I can enjoy my life, my family and I hope I haven't run off all of my friends.
I wish them no ill. Feeling a bit sorry for them I left a copy of a Frank Sinatra C. D. on their doorstep the other day. How can you listen to Sinatra without smiling? I hope they smile and fall in love again. In love with each other, in love with life, in love with every new day.
But I'm just a bleeding heart hoping for things some would consider impossible. I still believe that with love all things are possible.


Murph said...

Good on yer.

Sinatra is a good choice, though I think I would probably have gone with Louie Armstrong.

Tom Sebourn said...

Louie Armstrong, can't argue with that.
Tom Sebourn