Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mountain Lion Causes Brush Fire on Table Bluff


It all started because of a mountain lion. One was spotted on the reservation on Table Bluff here in Humboldt County. The locals decided to cut the brush so the mountain lion wouldn't be able to hide there. Just after 3pm today, a mower sparked the dry brush and soon there was a 3 acre brush fire. Cal Fire was first on the scene backed up by Loleta Fire Department and a Humboldt District fire crew. A helicopter was overhead but it didn't drop any water and no water bucket was visible.

Radio personality Rollin Trehearne, 92.3 and 98.3 fm morning man lives near where the fire broke out and helped man a fire hose to keep the fire contained between roads. The fire did jump a gravel road but the wind blowing from the south, blew the fire away from most of the houses toward a ranch. A road between the ranch and the fire helped to serve as a fire break and the fire was contained by about 4pm. The mop up of hot spots was still going on at 6pm. No one was injured and no homes were damaged.


Rose said...

Good story. Nice to meet you today at the Blogger's picnic.

Carol said...

We saw the fire trucks heading out the other day and didn't know what was up. Thank you for reporting on it.

We had such fun meeting folks at the blogger's picni!

Greg Sebourn said...

...And why wasn't I invited???

Anonymous said...

I called Rollin regarding a dub of a commercial on that day....He said, "I have to call you back, there's a huge fire on Table Bluff" and then he hung up. I knew something was up. He is never that short with me.

Nice meeting you at the picnic. What an interesting gathering. Sort of like KGOE.

Tom Sebourn said...

I had a great picnic with all of you. Interesting crowd, great weather and great food.