Monday, September 29, 2008

Why We Should Not Allow Gay Marriage

This is a guest blog.

"Why we should not allow Gay Marriage..."by: Sarah Reid

Yes... I said it...I think the only reason we should not allow gay marriage is if we don't allow straight marriage either.The ONLY argument against gay marriage is a religious one. So if we follow the logic that religion and government do NOT belong together than we should remove the concept of marriage completely from the governmental and legal arena and ONLY ALLOW CIVIL UNIONS FOR ALL.

Let the religious institutions have marriage... Like baptism and bar mitzvah and all of that and in the realm of laws and government only allow civil unions or domestic partnerships FOR EVERYONE but it has to be the same for ALL long term committed relationships.The religious argument is moot anyway...VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 8!!!

Other false arguments against gay marriage:Marriage is a tool for procreation:If this is the case than there should be a rule against infertile people getting married or people who do not want children getting married and if a Couple DOES NOT have children within a set amount of time their marriage should be considered void legally. SECONDLY all people who procreate outside of

marriage should HAVE to be married by the child's first birthday (or some other arbitrary time limit) by law in order to fulfill the "marriage is procreation" ideal.

If we allow gay marriage then why not allow child molestation:First off, the highest percentage of folks who molest and rape children(roughly 98%) are not only male but self- defined as straight. The rest are dominated by straight females. So if you look at the fact that roughly10% of the population is gay than you would think that 10% of molestation would be by gays but this is simply NOT THE CASE. Less than .08% of child molestation cases are done by gay men or women. (hence why I tell my folks I would rather have a gay man as a boy scout leader or babysitter than an adamantly straight guy.)Secondly, child molestation is a crime. A child CAN NOT CONSENT to sexual acts. On a legal/Money level, someone under the age of 18 CAN NOT SIGN A LEGAL CONTRACT. That is vastly different than two adults making a contractor commitment to one another.


Greg Sebourn said...

I agree with Sarah's logic but not her statistics. Civil union should be the government certificate that you obtain at a courthouse and marriage is what should only occur in a church or sanctioned by a church. Without any statistics or studies to cite, I recall hearing several pedophiles (men in state prison) who said they were straight with respect to adult relationships but homosexual with respect to there victims. Regardless, I don't think an openly gay man is a threat to my children any more than any other male.
Just my 2¢
BTW, Tom, good re-posting!

Tom Sebourn said...

Sarah says that she got those numbers from a Child Welfare study that was done to detrmine what risk factors to look for in the population as it pertains to child molestation/rape. The study was not specifically to look for if people were gay or straight, that was just one of many factors looked at. The study was done on a random population of convicted child molesters (so men and women who had molested/rapes boys or girls of various ages) and they were given the choice to self-identify as gay, straight, or bisexual. There are a few factors in this study that could be done better but other similar studies have found fairly close statistics. You bring up a good point though about someone self-defining as straight but holding different views in relationship to children.

Old Glory Radio said...

I suspect that this issue will drift away once the gay community hang over wears off and lawyers start advertizing about california community property laws.