Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting More Local

I have been trying to get my act together and do more local blogging. I don't have any special local contacts like some of the local bloggers but I do work in a news room. Currently, I only blog from the radio station. I will be changing that soon.

I have procured a new notebook computer and have ordered a cord to connect my video camera to it. I am also working on bundling phone, cable t.v. and Internet access so I can blog from home. The notebook has wi-fi and it would be fun to blog from wi-fi spots as well. I have a lot of reading to do and have been trying to navigate Windows Vista. So far, Windows Vista sucks. I was trained on 98 and XP.

I haven't done much blogging since the Thanksgiving holiday but should be back with some local shots from Humboldt when I get all this stuff figured out.

Thanks for checking in and giving me a reason to do this.


Tom Sebourn said...

Stupid Windows Vista doesn't read my sony video cam. Research says I have to download more drivers but some say I just need to lie to the drivers that are already there.
Tell them everything is o.k.
Stupid Vista or stupid guy who bought Vista. If I get an extra 100 dollars, I will buy Windows xp and have Vista removed and stored on disc until Microsoft fixes it.

Old Glory Radio said...

I know your pain. The sleepless nights, Advil....the clinking of discarded soda cans at your feet.

It is a hollow life, hanging around dark chat rooms, looking for drivers..... anything for the "fix"

There is help. You have taken the first step and admitted the problem.