Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beer & Bread to beat the recruiters

From the Humboldt Herald
Fund raiser for Measure J. Local ballot measure passed by voters to limit military recruitment within city limits to those 18 years and older. The money raised goes to fund defense of measure challenged by the military and D.O.J.
Did I mention, there will be beer?
See the Humboldt Herald for details.


Old Glory Radio said...

I called four of the so called sponsors of this event and all claimed they were duped into donating and had no clue what the event was for. The organizes of this Beer and Bread event convienently didn't tell them it was about military recruitment. The phone number was answered by someone sounding like a sleepy stoner claiming he didn't even know who the group was as soon as I identified myself. After explaining what this event was for all the bakeries and others I spoke with are changing their blind donation policy. None were pleased at the though of having half the city boycott them in the future. Got to go call city and county officials and see if they will let me take their picture at the event.

Tom Sebourn said...

Old Glory, I don't think you can say that half the population want's their kids recruited to by the military without an ok from their parents. Especially those in Arcata.
If I find out that any of these bakeries or breweries are pro war and anti kid, I will stop using their products. If you read my bio, beer is something that I hold dear. I would hate to have boycott more than Coors products.