Thursday, March 19, 2009

Forget the other New Schedule for KGOE, This Is The Final Cut

O.K., we've been racking out brains here to get the best schedule we can in the time allotted.
Lunch time noon to 3pm will stay the same with Dr. Dean live at 1pm and Dr. Laura on either side. We do have some good news to tell you about, Ed Schultz will be on from 3 to 6pm.
Pictured here, Rachel Maddow is new to our line up and Ed Schultz is making a reappearance.

Here's the line up Monday through Friday.
2am to 3am Dr. Laura (recorded from 1 to 2pm day before)
3am to 5am Bill Press
5am to 6am Rachel Maddow
6am to 9am Stephanie Miller
9am to 12pmThom Hartmann
12pm to 1pm Dr. Laura
1pm to 2pm Dr. Dean Edell
2pm to 3pm Dr. Laura
3pm to 6pm Ed Schultz
6pm to 9pm Mike Malloy
9pm to 10pm Keep My House
(to be replaced by Clark Howard at a later date)
10pm to 2am Coast to Coast am
Once again, everything is subject to change, but this is what we have programmed for Monday.


Unknown said...

Agreed, this is better.

Eric V. Kirk said...

I'm bummed about Peter B. Collins, but Ed Schultz is good.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Although, I wouldn't mind hearing Rhandi Rhodes. Isn't she airing from SF now?

Tom Sebourn said...

She isn't on satellite as far as I know.

Tom Sebourn said...

All I get when I go to Randi's web site is this:
Nova M is gone.

samoasoftball said...

Dr. Laura how many times a day?

Tom Sebourn said...

Inside Scoop:
Dr. Laura may be limited to 2 o'clock day and night. One hour at a time. We want to put Clark Howard in at noon live, then Dean, then one hour of Laura. I think that would a pretty good mid day part. A consumer advocate, a medical doctor and a doctor of physiology that gives relation advice.