Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Air Freshener Looks Like Candy

Renuzit has a new air freshener that looks just like a bowl of candy. Is this a good idea for families that may have children around? It doesn't say if it is non toxic or not. With packaging and container that looks like a bowl of fruit candies, someone somewhere is going to wonder what they taste like.
Unless there is a caution somewhere on the label that warns people about this, (not that toddlers would read it), and unless this stuff is non toxic, this sounds like a bad idea.
The picture to the right reminds me of a serving suggestion.
I don't do photoshop but it seems like a little whipped cream would make a nice topping.

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Tom Sebourn said...

In the t.v. commercial, the air fresheners look like Altoids Fruit Candies.