Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rescue at Camel Rock

Other than a lot of wind, it was a beautiful day in Trinidad this Sunday. I took drive down Scenic Drive at about 11 am and saw a lot of rescue vehicles near Camel Rock. The Coast Guard had landed one of their helicopters on the beach.

I was unable to speak to the rescuers at the time. I called CDF and dispatch said an injured surfer was airlifted to St. Joseph Hospital. The injuries didn't appear to be life threatening. They said someone had a dislocated or injured hip. The steep cliffs at the beach made carrying the injured surfer up to the road an undesirable option, so they got an exciting helicopter ride.

That's all the info I have now.

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amy said...

Hello...those are cool photos. I was the injured surfer, Andy. I am all good. Just wanted to give props on the shots. Bring back memories!