Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transmitter Repair

I had to help one of our engineers do some repairs at one of Bicoastal Media's transmitters.

Our oldies station had a worn tube socket that needed repairs. I was real useful and held the flashlight and took pictures among other things. We used one to verify where everything was before we started, the engineer always makes a drawing but he liked the idea of using my laptop to blow up a digital photo for reference to check against his sketch. It made for a long day, I didn't get home until half after midnight.

The transmitter site above Kneeland is shared with kiem tv, kmud fm and kkhb fm.
It was an interesting thing to do and fun with a digital camera and a laptop, but I really have my work cut out for me for the next few days with March Madness on our espn station, am 1340 in case you're looking for the game, and all of the changes coming on KGOE.


Old Glory Radio said...

Yes, climb a radio tower with a laptop. What would be better is if you brought a printer up there with you. Strap it on a bunge chord and let it hang off your waist.

Tom Sebourn said...

There was no reason for us to use a printer. And I didn't climb the tower, had I, it would have meant that I had gotten a raise.
Get it, a raise?

Old Glory Radio said...

You know what Seabourn, I can take the liberal feel good hooey, I can even take the insults, but bad puns....that's going too far.