Friday, May 15, 2009

KGOE Goes Mobile

Wow! We have our own station vehicle!

O.K., we do share it with our sister stations, but it's still pretty cool for KGOE as we have never had our logo on a vehicle.

Recently we built another studio here too.
We had 5 stations and 4 studios. Sometimes this can be a problem. We're still putting the finishing touches on it to make it a full fledged on air studio but hope
to have it done within the next few weeks.

Times are tough but we are making plans for the long run.
Maybe we will even have bumper stickers one of these days.

I can't complain though, we are getting special hats made with
the KGOE logo and Crabs Baseball on them and we hope to have
those in time for Crabs Baseball which starts on June 6th.

We are the radio home of the Humboldt Crabs.
It's a short season so don't miss it!

Go Crabs!
Crabs picture courtesy of Solo Sports, KGOE logo on vehicle courtesy of our new G.M. Robert Endsley. Thanks Rob.

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