Friday, February 27, 2009

Humboldt County General Plan To Be Finalized

There's not much time left to get involved in the General Plan that will guide growth in Humboldt County for the next 20 years. Plans include doubling the size of Eureka with new houses near Cutten in the McKay tract, currently Green Diamond property, and an additional 4 to 8-hundred housing units on Humboldt Hill.

PUBLIC HEARINGS: 2009 Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Draft Housing Element
at the following Planning Commission meetings @ 6:00pm Humboldt County Courthouse

February 26th
March 19th & 26th

Public Comment will be accepted until March 31, 2009
Email your comments/concerns to:

Copies of the DEIR are available on the internet at

General Plan Update can be viewed at:

For more info on meetings, public comment and how to get involved to stop urban sprawl see link below.


Divy said...

IF these large developments are allowed to go through, the Eureka area will be changed forever. I live on Humboldt Hill right next to the pastureland they want to blow out with 400-800 units. It was miszoned in the 1990's as RL (residential) instead of AE-60 (agricultural use only) DESPITE the prescence of PRIME AG SOILS. The neighborhood up here has been fighting them for over two years now. The developments plans are wildly unpopular and many people have spoken up, but it has been a battle of inches and we lost the last one BADLY. In a 4-3 vote, the Planning Commission decided to send it to the Board of Supervisors instead of killing the whole thing at the last meeting. We face them sometime in April and could really use people writing in to tell them not to allow it. Anyone on Humboldt Hill, or anyone who would like to protect Eureka from RAMPANT SPRAWL, can contact the following people to voice opposition to these MASSIVE DEVELOPMENTS on our rural and timberlands at the following addresses:

The neighborhoods who are battling this could really use your support. If you use your copy paste, you could send the same letter voicing dissent to all of the addresses above and each of the five Board of Supervisors (at the last address I supplied.)

Divy said...

P.S.-Beware writing to the Michael Richardson address. He is the Senior Planner on this project. I have NO proof, but during the last meeting he only mentioned ONE letter of dissent against the plan, and NONE of the those that several people promised me they'd written. Maybe they flaked, or whatever, but I've been through the project file page by page and there were NO LETTERS from those people in there. (?)

Greg Sebourn said...

It starts with the general plan. Then it comes down to special/specific plans (if any). Next is zoning. If the general plan fits the intent of the community and the specific plan furthers it, then the zoning must be consistent and in line with the Plan(s). If it is inconsistent, you might have grounds for some legal action.

Also in the vast tool chest of development is the use and formation of commissions that review proposed development for consistency with the Plan(s) and zoning. By the time a developer has an approved tentative map, opposition has generally lost their opportunity to suppress the development. Unfortunately, it is at this time when the community notices the surveyors and graders beginning to set stakes and move dirt. Residents need to be actively attending all council/board meetings as well as ALL committee meetings. Generally, these are all public hearings.

I for one believe that property owners have the right to use and develop their land any way they want so long as it is consistent with the Plan(s) and zoning ordinances adopted by the local agency.

And remember, the ONLY way that YOU can GUARANTEE that the land will NOT be developed is to buy the land and don’t develop it!!!

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