Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wow, Gov. Jindel Says New Train From Disneyland to Las Vegas

Excerpt from Gov. Jindel speech:

But Democratic leaders in Congress -- they rejected this approach. Instead of trusting us to make wise decisions with our own money, they passed the largest government spending bill in history, with a price tag of more than $1 trillion with interest. While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending. It includes $300 million to buy new cars for the government, $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, such as a "magnetic levitation" line from Las Vegas to Disneyland, and $140 million for something called "volcano monitoring." Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.

So what about this new train to be built from Las Vegas to Disneyland? Jindal says it is now funded with 8 billion Stimulus dollars.

Mag-Lev Train from Las Vegas to Disneyland moving forward
by John Frost
About 10 years behind schedule, funding has finally been approved for a real study into the feasibility of building a Magnetic Levitation based railway between Las Vegas and Anaheim, arguably the two biggest tourist draws in the Southwest. If built, it would be the first Mag Lev system in the US.

So Gov. Jindel says it is funded with the stimulus plan, the blog says a study into the feasibility of it is being funded. I guess studying doing something is the same thing as doing it.

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