Monday, May 11, 2009

Are The FBI In Town?

I have an unconfirmed report of the FBI staging at the Red Lion this morning. My informant believed that they were here to serve some 70 or so warrants. The subject of the warrants is said to be Campaign Finance.

We're still waiting for a callback from the FBI.

Does anyone have any information about this?


Tom Sebourn said...

Guess nobody saw anything.

Eric V. Kirk said...

No, but my imagination is running wild.

Doc Anchovy said...

Wow! No 5 min. long caravan through Garberville?

Eric V. Kirk said...

Not so far. But I don't think they'd come down here over a campaign finance issue. In fact, I would have to wonder what campaign finance issue in Humboldt County would result in 70 warrants.

Tom Sebourn said...

The feds have never been that good at keeping things under wraps.
I don't think they are here for this. Tom at Old Glory Radio did say he has seen them at his post office for the past two weeks.
If they are here, it's probably for pot. They spend more time and money on pot here than they did investigating 9/11.

Greg Sebourn said...

The reason they spend more money and time there on pot and not on 9/11 is because there is a lot more pot in Humboldt than there are 9/11 conspirators.

Isn't pot a DEA thing, not FBI???

Tom Sebourn said...

pls8395, The DEA enforces federal pot laws but the FBI investigates the crimes surrounding the business. This still wouldn't answer the questions raised by my lead that said it was about campaign finance.
I think I got bogus info. on this.