Friday, May 22, 2009

Robin Arkley To Register In Louisiana To Avoid Taxes

Speaking as a Republican to the local Republic(an) Party, local billionaire Robin Arkley said to the Humboldt County Women's Federated Group, that he would register to vote
in Louisiana to avoid Arnold Schwarzenegger's new taxes. It is comforting to know that Mr. Arklyey will no longer be voting in Humboldt County. He has and will continue to try to effect local politics and that is his right as a U.S. Citizen. Even though unions only make up less than 10 percent of U.S. workers, they are his main argument for the fall of California. Evidently, California is a big union state. It should be noted that while he has said in the speech you can hear at the link below, that he would move his registration for voting to Louisiana, he said in the clip that he would not be moving. Robin Arkley in this clip says that he will vote in a prescient that he does not call home. Next time he tries to effect local politics he should be called out as a carpetbagger. In reality, he should only be called a carpetbagger in Louisiana where he votes but does not consider home.
Mr. Arkley, thanks for your contributions to the local commons. Sorry to hear that you no longer support them.
See the man for yourself courtesy of Old Glory Radio
Mr. Arkley, by your own admission, you are no longer a Californian. If you think that Louisiana has superior emergency management and a better quality of life, than say so. Stop trying to fill the heads of our Republic(an) women with false visions of a state you do not support.
(Arkley, with all of his education does not know how to pronounce the most popular political party in the U.S., the Democratic Party. He calls it the Democrat Party. This is why I referee to the Republic Party). Good Bye Mr Arkley, don't let the door hit you in the ass.


Tom Sebourn said...

To me, this is just like when Rush Limbaugh said he was leaving New York to avoid taxes. How many people in New York do you think really cared?

Greg Sebourn said...

How many cared? All those who pay the taxes and cannot afford to move to Palm Beach, Florid-DUH!