Friday, July 25, 2008

A call to action by Jack Nounnan

(Corrected to read: "meeting July 30" shown below)
Public Service Announcement July 26, 08'
Don't miss this chance to participate in these mass demonstrations ...Denver
Aug. 24th through the 28th, ... helping to expose this sham democracy being carried on at the Democratic National Convention. This is an extraordinary point in our lives with so much at stake across the world. All who deeply care and will make time are asked to join.
We're meeting locally to plan out our part in this huge event. PLease join us....
Wed. July 30, 6:00 PM...The Labor Hall, 8th and E streets... Eureka.
Call 442-8733 for getting involved early in the organizing
Billions of people have been disillusioned while building their lives on constant, but empty hopes. Again and again they've been shunted aside or suffered far worse, their most cherished beliefs and critical needs ignored for more aggressions and greed. There are no easy answers, for this system shows it's unpreparedness to make amends, in going right on with its fatally flawed agenda.
We demonstrate to make certain they see our resistance to such methods and the devastating results, which we dare not ignore.
. Humboldt County Chapter

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