Monday, July 14, 2008

Cynthia McKinney Green Party Pick

The U.S. Green Party has chosen Former Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney to represent their party in the upcoming presidential election. Cynthia is the only candidate openly talking about a proper 9/11 investigation. Lets get real, 9/11 changed everything. It changed the lives of over 4,100 U.S. troops that have died because of 9/11 and the wars it spawned. It changed the way our government spies on us. It changed the way FEMA does it's job because it became part of the Department of Homeland Security. It changed the way the White House archives e-mails. It changed the way we profile people who are suspects. It changed the U.S. economy. It showed that someone armed with only box cutters could evade our entire military apparatus and attack the Pentagon without a single shot being fired. Because of 9/11, congress has given the president almost dictator like authority that will be in place for the next president. The list goes on and on! If 9/11 was such a significant event, why was more time and effort spent by authorities here on the North Coast of California last month investigating marijuana grows? 11 million dollars and 21 months were spent on the official 9/11 investigation that didn't even get going until after 441 days after the event took place. Put into perspective, independent prosecutors spent almost 80 million dollars investigating Bill and Hillary Clinton for White Water and Monica Lewinski. 4 and a half years were spent investigating Hillary Clinton before Monica entered the investigation. It should seem obvious to anyone that a real estate deal and sex in the oval office changed little for the average citizen of this country yet more time and energy were spent on that than the event that "CHANGED EVERYTHING".
Cynthia McKinney gets this and is the only presidential candidate that does. Because of the serious lack of priorities displayed by the top tier candidates for president of this once great country, I can only support Cynthia McKinney for president. She is not afraid to speak truth to power. She is not a fear monger. She gets it.

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