Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Views on Abortion and the Election

I sent this as a reply to a group that mass e-mailed me about Obama and abortion. Abortion is their sole reason for not supporting Obama for President.

I am a liberal considering running for office on a one issue platform. Abortion. I will run as pro-life and answer no other questions. I will pander to the Christian right for their votes and then do what George Bush did and ignore those dumb people that think that war, torture, financial collapse, education, healthcare and big government are of no concern. Just abortion. A one issue platform. I will probably win.
Tom Sebourn
Now I ask my blog readers...
What should I run for?


Greg Sebourn said...

If running, a candidate should have their own moral platform (foundation) from which to exercise their judgment. It is the make-up of their moral foundation and how well they have demonstrated their judgment thus far in their political and personal life that we should base our vote for or against them.

One issue doesn't sell me on voting FOR the candidate; HOWEVER, if they have a position on an issue that I feel strongly about, then I won't give them my vote. My candidate needs to be pro-gun owner, pro-life, pro-immigration control, and patriotic at their core. They must be against subsidizing everyone and willing to veto all new expenditures.

Perhaps we need an amendment to the constitution to restrict the voting rights of those who do not own property. That way, those who own businesses and/or homes (you know, revenue producing individuals) have the say on where money goes, which initiatives get enacted and their associated costs. Then, those on welfare who leach off my tax dollars can't keep voting for spending BILLIONS of tax dollars when they can't even handle a checking account!

Tom Sebourn said...

pls8395, the little people that don't own property or businesses aren't the ones that just handed a trillion dollars to Henry Paulson and Wall Street. I think that the people on Wall Street should take their losses just as any gambler does and stay out of our pocket books. And I also think that Henry Paulson shouldn't have an abortion.

Greg Sebourn said...


Micha Elyi said...

Tom Sebourn said... "pls8395, the little people that don't own property or businesses aren't the ones that just handed a trillion dollars to Henry Paulson and Wall Street."

Tom, you're wrong. Through the representatives in our national legislature they elected, "the little people" are "the ones that just handed a trillion dollars to Henry Paulson and Wall Street." Perhaps you didn't notice that your "little people," who number in the millions, pack more votes than the few thousand brokers and investment bankers who make up Wall Street.

It's your "little people" who tend to lean toward handing the State the power to grab the earnings of the productive and pass it to those who are the politically favored. It's the productive people pls8395 referred to who tend to believe "the people on Wall Street should take their losses."

Oh, and if you want an abortion Tom, ask your mother why she didn't give you one. Heh heh.

Tom Sebourn said...

Micha, let me get this straight. George Bush pushed his "Ownership Society" and encouraged people to buy houses when they couldn't afford them. The administration pushed deregulation of the banking industry to allow this. The Republicans never push anything that helps the middle class or under employed, so they chose this course of their own accord for their buddies. Now their buddies are being bailed out, not the home owners but the banks are being bailed out at everyone's expense. When all these people loose their houses and no longer own property or their small business goes away because they cannot secure financing, you would say they don't have a right to vote?
How elitist of you.

As for my mom not aborting me, she was a Catholic had me in a Catholic hospital and I was more important than she was in their eyes. Take care of the unborn and to hell with the mom that is raising the rest of the kids. I have a problem with that kind of thinking. Unborn kids are more important than moms, I don't buy that!
And bye the way, the little people have just been voter caged.

Old Glory Radio said...

As a conservative, I used to....used to, think nothing could be worse than Jimmy Carter. Until Bush came along. He has completely destroyed the Republican party and the country. Now before you libs start jumping up and down, be very careful what you wish for. A one party country is more dangerous than we can imagine. unless of course you want to live in a communist society. But that is another topic....as well as Sebourn's escape from the clutches of the mad abortionists.

Oh, and you don't need any gimmicks to win office Tom, character is all that really counts, and you have that.

Greg Sebourn said...

I've known Tom for more than 35 years and I have to agree with old Glory that indeed Tom has character.