Tuesday, November 4, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Database Details Startling, Widespread Touch-Screen Probs in NV

Presidential Race Missing on Ballots; Machines Go Down; Votes Not Recorded; Printers Jam
Attorneys Decline to Take Action to Remove Machines From Service, Ensure Paper Ballots for Voters... See this and many more voting stories at the brad blog.


Greg Sebourn said...

All the voter fraud and broken machines in the world couldn't have changed last night's presidential outcome. The "messiah" was destined to lead his sheep... At least that's what the mass media would like us to believe.

It reminds me of an AP story I just read: "California voters pass Proposition 8, overturning a state Supreme Court decision that granted gay couples the right to wed." This is not a correct statement. Same-sex couples can still have their civil union and enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples. However, they cannot be married. Now, the word "marriage" has been constitutionally defined so that the courts can't on a technicality willy-nilly change the laws that we the people have enacted and that don't fit their agenda (like they do on so many other issues).

Tom Sebourn said...

Next step for California is to remove the word "marriage" from all official documents. This could be done with another ammendment to the Constitution. It could say that where the word marriage is mentioned in state law, the words civil union will apply. That would make marriage a thing of the church and civil unions a thing of the state.

Greg Sebourn said...

Just don't ram (no pun intended) the gay marriage thing down evryone's throat!