Monday, November 17, 2008

Large Explosion Sound in Eureka just after 1am Monday Morning

We have had reports of a large explosion sound in Eureka near Coopers Gulch. No one seems to know what it was. Just after 1am Monday morning 11-17-08 the explosion sound lasted for several seconds. Did any of you hear it? Does anybody know what it was?


ERM said...

I live near Cooper's Gulch and the explosion sound woke me up. A co-worker also heard it and he lives near Henderson Center. I stayed up to listen for emergency vehicles, but did not hear any sirens. What was it?

Ptrav said...

I also live near Coopers and heard an explosion sound. I was asleep so it was hard to determine where it originated. My neighbor and coworker also heard it.

Has anyone called PG&E to see if a transformer blew. I was going to after work.


Tom Sebourn said...

The EPD said they couldn't find any evidence of an explosion. J.B., our news guy heard it and our Diva of the Dark, Dana also heard the sound. Neither of them heard any sirens either. EPD suggested it might have been a sonic boom but that would have been heard all over the county.