Tuesday, November 4, 2008

US Chamber of Commerce Backing Anti-Union Senators

Big business lobbies against Employee Free Choice Act that would make it easier to organize a union
The US Chamber of Commerce is pouring more than 30 million dollars into the senatorial race to elect republicans in key states. The objective is to support "pro-business" candidates and avoid confronting an air-tight democratic majority that would be likely to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that was filibustered in the senate in 2007. To discuss the legislation and the campaign surrounding it, The Real News Network spoke to Stewart Acuff, Director of Organizing for the AFL-CIO and Bruce Raynor, General President of UNITE HERE:
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Source: The Real News Network

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Greg Sebourn said...

It makes perfect sense that the U.S. Chamber would be against unions. After all, they are there to promote commerce, not employment. Typically, the cheaper the employment, the more profits to be had be had by the company.

And I work for several unions companies...
Cal. Teacher's Ass & Local 12, as well as others.

There has to be a better balance between business growth (promoting commerce) and employee benefits (the unions).