Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alex Jones on KGOE?

I am currently looking at putting Alex Jones on KGOE 1480 from 9 to 10pm. This slot is currently held by Jeff Rense. Rense is live and Alex Jones would be in a delay from earlier in the day. This would make KGOE only live 21 out of 24 hours weekdays. I am considering this move in light of the show Rense ran the day Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Jeff Rense had racist David Duke on the show that night. While I am open to many points of view, I do not and will not tolerate racism.
Alex Jones is a compelling, in your face investigative reporter, movie maker and radio show host.
Subjects include the new world order, investigate 9/11, the U.S. Constitution, terrorism, IMF and the World Bank, and the erosion of our freedoms.
Stay tuned for confirmation and a launch date.


Unknown said...

Good move, Tom. Thank you!

Tom Sebourn said...

We haven't made the move yet but I am in favor of Alex Jones for this slot.

Unknown said...

Tom, I will be calling your boss in Tiburon. I talked him before.

I will also be making a complaint to the FCC about your boss'es station.

Racism is not in the public interest of Humboldt County, and neither is your station, as long as you promote racism from Jeff Rense.

As you know, Jeff Rense has been promoting racism and anti-semitism and our station continues to promote him. Unless you take him off, I will ask that all of your listeners stop patronizing your advertisers.

Tom, you have already said that Jeff Rense has advocated racists. If you do not take him off, as I have repeatedly ask you to do, I will make an offical complaint about your station. You probably don't care, but the owner is looking like a racist asshole

Tom Sebourn said...

My boss has nothing to do with this. I am the one that made the bad decision to put Rense on in the first place. It is one bad hour of radio a day, and I intend to fix the problem.
I can't do anything about Michael Savage though. Can I count on you to put forth the same effort to get rid of that guy? Oh yeah, and Rush and his Barack the magic negro song? What about that guy? We're talking 6 hours a day between those two nut cases.

Tom Sebourn said...

Our General Manager want's us to see about putting on Ron Regan or Rachel Maddow. This means that Rense will stay here for at least another month due to contract.
Alex Jones is on the same network and would have allowed me to switch shows at a moments notice and still honor our contract.
Stay tuned, when I know, you will know.