Thursday, February 12, 2009

Changes at the Arcata Eye. Support your local newspaper.

Everyone is going through tough times these days. Newspapers have been hit especially hard.
See Story by Eye editor Kevin Hoover
While radio is a great way to get breaking news, newspapers are able to go into depth and really get into a story. The two media serve the same purpose in different ways. While we are doing fairly well here at KGOE, (we still have a lot of advertisers on air), our industry as a whole is going through some of the same trials as the newspaper business.
As I always ask our listeners to support our local advertisers, I am also asking you that live in Arcata Ca. and that like to know whats going on in your local town to subscribe to the Arcata Eye. Call 707-826-7000 to subscribe.
While KGOE may be free, most things worth while aren't free.
Support your local newspaper, read your local newspaper and do it while listening to KGOE.

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Anonymous said...

Peace be with you Tom

I am really disappointed to see you endorsing such a bigoted newspaper. Hoover lies to make houseless people and marijuana smokers enemies of our society. Read the police logs and tell me they aren't pure stereotyping bigotry.

We just got rid of one Arkley supported propaganda rag, and it wouldn't hurt us at all to get rid of this one too.

love eternal