Monday, February 2, 2009

Food Not Lawns

Thanks to local Blogger HighBoltage for this one.

Welcome to the new Internet hub site for the International movement to grow Food, not Lawns! Started and moderated by Heather C. Flores, co-founder of the FNL movement and author of the book, Food not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community, this blog site will keep you up to date on upcoming events and exciting projects, and will help you find people in your community who are returning the concrete jungle into fruitful organic gardens.
I used to live in Anaheim and a neighbor two doors down, replaced his front lawn with drought tolerant plants and a garden. The house between us was up for sale and they were nice people so he and I did our best to make our yards look good for the prospective buyers. My neighbor's garden needed some weeding and he said he didn't have time. He bought some pumpkins and cantaloupe and put them amongst the weeds in his front yard.
The next day the realtor came to the house for sale with some folks looking at the house and my neighbor saw them pull up, he went outside and as they were coming up the front walk, he said howdy as he reached down into the weeds and pulled up a nice cantaloupe snapping off a weed and brushing off the dirt as he lifted the store bought fruit into his arms. The house hunters thought, what a nice garden and eventually bought the house.
I laughed my ass off as he retold the story to me. I just thought I'd pass that along for any of you that want a garden but are afraid of what the neighbors might say.
Lawns were made popular by rich people centurys ago to show that they were so well off that they could waste all that land and water on something other than food.

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Thanks for the link.
Funny story, and a great idea!