Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Hits It Out Of The Park!

"We are not quitters".
President Barack Obama took control of the minds of millions of Americans tonight in his speech just over one month from taking office. He challenged Americans to be a part of a new beginning of the country.
There were three basic areas lined out for more spending and changes. Health care, energy and education.
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Old Glory Radio said...

Took control of the minds of millions? They have no minds otherwise they would be able to comprehend exactly what his 3.5 trillion dollar spend fest will do to the economy via run away inflation. Other than read off a teleprompter, exactly what can this guy do again? We are still in Iraq, he is spending like crazy and you guys are just eating it up. When this obama glow hangover wears off you guys are all going to be on anti depressents. You do realize that by shutting off the capital the poorest of the oountry are going to feel the pain the most right? I own a lot of property so inflation works very nicely for me, but people renting and working for an hourly wage are about to be hosed....big time. Well, they will have their hope I guess....try taking that to the bank.