Thursday, July 31, 2008

Homeless Man Brutally attacked in Old Town Eureka

On Wednesday night, 7-30-08 at about 8p, a homeless man was brutally attacked in Old Town Eureka near the corner of 1st and E streets. The victim's jaw appeared to be broken and he suffered additional small wounds around the head area.
His belongings, a tent and a bag of clothes were stolen from him. He was transported to the hospital by paramedics. The assailants were reported to be three white teenagers.
This is the second such brutal attack against houseless people in Eureka in the last two weeks. The other one was near the Adorni Center on the water front. The assailants in that incident were also reported as 3 white teenagers.
A call to EPD was not returned by Sgt. O'Neal as of this posting. Anyone with any information on these brutal attacks should call the Eureka P.D. at 707-441-4060.

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Old Glory Radio said...

Speaking of wife works off the plaza in Arcata and told me last night that she is walking at lunch with a co worker now as it is getting a little strange due to the numbers "camping out" there all day. Same thing in Eureka. The story here isn't that a homeless man was attacked, it that the population is growing and the police are not moving them along. This is going to be a normal story going on all day pretty soon.