Monday, July 21, 2008

KHSU to concede progressive talk to KGOE?

Rob Gunsalus, Vice President of Advancement at Humboldt State University announced on July 17th that General Manager of KHSU-FM, Elizabeth Hans McCrone has resigned to pursue other endeavors. She says she was forced out. See story at the Humboldt Hearald. We didn't get the press release here at Bicoastal Media but no matter, I read the Humboldt Hearald.
Elizabeth Hans McCrone said Gunsalus told her that he had a different vision for KHSU.
One of the visions he had was the elimination of Democracy Now!, I'm not shouting, that's the way it's spelled. Also of concern was Thursday Night Talk with David Cobb. Read the story from Hans McCrone at the Humboldt Hearald and you can see that those that control the purse strings at HSU don't like the liberal slant of these shows. Instead of putting a Conservative, pro war show on for balance, they decided to can the G.M. and possibly those shows.
Since those shows were widely popular on KHSU and they are supposedly the #1 listened to radio station in Humboldt(I'm not doubting that since they have more signals than any one else), one would think that shows like Democracy Now!, played a part in the stations success.
It is my belief that if they drop the progressive shows and stick to non political, classical music and car show type content, KGOE stands to pick up more listeners. We at KGOE 1480 am are already having the best year ever in terms of ad revenue and we offer more progressive talk radio than any other station in Humboldt Co. If this decision to let Elizabeth Hans McCrone go is what I think it is, than KHSU has just conceded the progressive talk audience to KGOE and we welcome all of them to their new home.


Shane Brinton said...

Have you ever considered adding local programming to KGOE? Don't get me wrong, I love the national shows. I'm a devoted Thom Hartmann fan. But it might be cool to have some local progressive talk without any of the constraints of a public station. I can think of a number of local progressives that would make great hosts.

Just a thought I had. Anyway, keep up with the blog. I read it!

Tom Sebourn said...

It's good to know that someone reads the blog. I don't get many comments. As for a local show, it has been brought up, the idea of a 1 hour weekend show. Problem is, no one wants to work the weekend.
I am considering a recorded show that would cover local topics but not have any live phones. This could be done, say, Thursday nights and aired on Sunday. There may be a host available that had previous Thursday night engagements. Hint, hint.