Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Multi Fuel Stove for good times and bad times

Made in the United States!
This is sort of an advertisement for a new product available at one of kgoe's clients.

This thing runs on charcoal, wood or a kit is available for propane. It uses much less fuel than a normal BBQ and even holds a 12 inch dutch oven!

Patented Heat Chamber
Conducts heat more efficiently than conventional stoves. Designed for use with 12" dutch ovens, any size wok, skillet, griddle or pot.
Double Wall
Minimizes heat transfer to the outer body and to the bottom of the stove, allowing your Volcano to be used on any surface.
Collapsible Body
Collapses to 5" tall for convenient portability and storage.
Instant Setup
Lifting the handle raises the upper body while the legs swing out and lock in place. Lifting the lower section of the body collapses the stove for storage. Includes Storage Bag.
Adjustable Vents
Adjust how fast your fuel burns. Insures maximum heat efficiency and versatility.

The Volcano II stove is available at 3 G's Hay and Grain in Arcata. 707-826-9537
Use to boil water in an emergency, take camping or just BBQ and use less wood or charcoal.


Tom Sebourn said...

I just thought this little stove is pretty cool. I plan to get one for camping, the beach and home when I don't want to fill up the big Weber.

Greg Sebourn said...

This looks like a grate Boy Scouting tool! Thanks!

Greg Sebourn said...

nor kann ey spel

Unknown said...

Multi-Fuel stoves are termed as those stoves that give out heat through not so conservative modes. Several years ago, the only option for people to generate heat from the stove was by using wood as a fuel.


robert said...

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